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What is DSLR camera in Tamil | Photography in Tamil | Learn Photography in Tamil

This is the first video of the (planned) photography series. The video is about me (Vinod Kumar) and what a DSLR really is.

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Some of the picture that don’t have “V2K Photography” written on were downloaded from the internet. Appropriate credits are given.

50mm f1.8d

70-300mm lens


dslr mirror


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How to Shoot Non-Moving Subjects | Learn Photography in Tamil

This video is an extension of the previous video. We will see what Auto Focus Single Servo has in store for us.

Videography – Ashik and Shriram

Thanks to Bharath for the lovely new microphone (SONY ECM-CS3)

Music – “Getting there” from Youtube Audio Library

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How to Focus in DSLR Camera | Photography in Tamil | Learn photography in tamil

Episode #2

This video talks about focusing with a DSLR camera. The concepts covered in this video are
1. Understanding focus
2. Focus Types
3. Focus modes
4. Auto Focus Area
5. Auto Focus Single Servo Focus Test
6. Auto Focus Continuous Servo Focus Test
7. Auto FOcus Auto Focus Test

Learn photography in Tamil

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How to focus in DSLR Camera? | Photography in Tamil | V2k photography

This video is an episode of the Auto Focus Series. The Auto Focus Continuous Servo is explained with some real life examples.


Music: Youtube Audio Library “At the Fair”

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What is Shutter Speed? | Learn photography in Tamil | Tamil Photography

A detailed analysis of Shutter speed with real world examples for newbies to DSLR photography.

Slowmo Guys:

Music: A new Day everyday by Alexander Lisenkov

The Matrix Clip from the movie The Matrix Reloaded. © Warner Bros

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What is ISO | Low light photography | Learn Photography in Tamil

Let’s discuss what ISO is.


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What is Aperture in DSLR Tamil | Learn Photography in Tamil

Hi all, My name is Vinod. I ‘m a freelance photographer for over 8 years.

Background Blur | Aperture for Newbies | Best Explanation

V2K Photography

This is a video for budding photographers and people who have bought DSLR cameras recently and trying to learn how to use them. 🙂

Just thought of sharing my knowledge of Aperture.

Although this topic has been done to death, I still feel something was missing for the beginners. Thought of redoing it with more live examples and to discuss the science behind the usage of Aperture to plant the seed of thought process in Photography.

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Changing aperture in Canon Cameras:

Image resources×1440/5/f9/tekstura-raznocvetnyy-fon.jpg
F-number picture by Cbuckley:×1080.jpg×1080.jpg

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Cinematography: Sriram Ramesh

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Exposure Basics in Tamil | Stop | Tamil Photography


Exposure ல் மிக முக்கியமான ஒரு வார்த்தை – STOP. அதை பற்றி தமிழில் பேசுவோம்.

நம்ம இது வரைக்கும் DSLR னா என்ன நு பாத்துட்டோம்.. Auto Focus, Shutter Speed, ISO, Aperture எல்லாம் பாத்துட்டோம். இதெல்லாம் அடிப்படை விஷயங்கள். இத வெச்சு Exposure னா என்னனு பாப்போம். Exposure ஒரு கடல்.அதா ஒரு episode ல சொல்லவும் முடியாது.. புரிஞ்சுக்கவும் முடியாது. Exposure ல ரொம்ப உக்கியமான ஒரு வார்த்தை தான் STOP . நிறைய பேர் STOP ஜாஸ்தி பண்ணனும், கம்மி பண்ணனும், அது இதுனு சொல்லுவாங்க. STOP னா என்னனு நம்ம பாதே ஆகணும்.

இப்போ உங்க camera வ கைல எடுத்து, lens cap கழட்டி viewfinder ல பாத்தா என்ன settings காட்டுதோ, அது தான் STOP . கொழப்பிக்கவே வெண்டாம்.


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Spot Metering in Tamil | Learn Photography in Tamil

yellaarukkum vaNakkam..

Indha episode la namma SPOT metering patthi paakkalaam.. Matrix metering la irukara precchanaiyum adha eppadi sari kattradhu’ngaradhiyum indha episode la paakkalaam..

To cover
Recap of matrix metering
Short coming of Matrix metering
Spot metering
What is spot metering
when to use
how to use Spot Metering?
auto focus points

Recap of matrix metering
Pona episode la Matrix metering patthi paathom.. innoru vaatti oru chinna recap ku sollidren.. matrix metering na unga scene la irukara ellaa vishayathulendhu varra light-iyum serthu average edutthu oru exposure setting unga camera vey kudukkum.. adhu perumbaalum kitta-thatta correct-a thaan irukkum.. aanaal.. indha example paathom illaiyaa? Background romba veLicchamaa irukku.. so, photo eduttha.. light post iruttaa varudhu.. indha madhiri precchanaigaLukku thaan Spot metering irukku

Spot Metering
What is Spot metering?
Spot metering na.. unga scene la irundhu verum 3% or 5% edathula irundhu mattum metering measure paNNradhu.. adhaavadhu oru kurippitta edathulendhu varra light-a mattum measure paNNradhu thaan spot metering.. idhu vazhakkamaa unga subject-a thaan irukkum.. so unga subject-oda exposure mattum measure paNNradhukku irukara romba powerful-aana vishyaam thaan spot metering..

When to use Spot Metering?
enna ketta.. eppavumae spot metering use paNNunga nu solluven.. but ippo thaan neenga aarambikkureenga na.. unga scene la subject-a affect paNNra madhiri background light adhigamaa irundhaa, spot metering use paNNunga.. udhaaranathukku.. paravaiya photo edukkureenga nu vecchuppom.. paravaiyum vaaNathaiyum compare paNNaa.. vaaNam romba bright-a irukkum.. so, matrix la pottu photo edutthaa.. parava romba iruttaa varum..
idha thavirkaradhukku.. paravai yoda exposure mattum kaNakkula eduthuNdeenga na.. photo la paravai clear-a varum.. vaaNam sila neram blue colour la theriyaadhu.. adhu namakku parava illa.. namakku subject parava thaanae?!
adhaey madhiri, indha scene paarunga.. idhula indha bomma jannal ku minnaadi vecchurukkaen.. so enna aagudhu? veLila veLiccham adhigamaa irukaradhu naala.. matrix la photo eduttha.. veLila irukara vishayam correct exposure la varudhu.. bommai iruttu aayidudhu.. namakku enna thevai? bomma clear-a theriyanum.. so spot metering la vecchaa.. bommaiyoda exposure mattum thaan kaNakula varum.. mattha vishayangaLa patthi namma kavala pada veNdiyadhu illa..

How to Use Spot Metering
idhuvum romba romba simple.. matrix metering ku maathina madhiriye thaan spot kum maathanum.. so adhula endha precchanaiyum illa.. idhu thaan spot meter kaana icon..
sari ippo unga scene lendhu oru kurippitta area select paNNanum illaiyaa? adha eppadi paNNradhu na.. auto focus point irukku illaiyaa? adhu edhu mela irukko.. adhoda meter thaan edutthukkum..
udhaaranathukku.. focus point indha bomma mela irukarachae indha exposure kaatradhula..? adhae focus point-a vera paKKam koNdu porachae.. hmmm. jannal side koNdu porachae.. veLila irukara veLicchatthukku thevaiyaana exposure reading-a kaattum..

So neenga photo edukarachae, edhu unga subject-o adha mattum measure paNNi edunga.. results avaLo nallaa varum.. ippo oru portrait edukkreenga na.. netthiya measure paNNunga.. or kannattha measure paNNunga.. mogam correct-a expose aagum.. special lighting ku vera mdhiri thaan edukkanum.. ippo naa sollradhellaam natural light ku thaan..

Spot metering um easy a irukku la? idhulaiyum oru sikkal irukku.. yean na.. namma kaNNu paakkara madhiri namma camera paakkaadhu.. ellaa scene-iyum camera eppadi paakkum nu aduttha episode la solren.. adha thiruttharadhukku enna paNNradhu ngaradhaiyum aduttha episode la paakkalaam.. adhu varaikkum.. bbye!!

Music by SophonicMedia

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Matrix Metering | Learn Photography in Tamil

Hi ellaarukkum..

Pona episode la exposure patthi start paNNi vittom.. ippo adha appadiye continue paNNalaam.. pona episode la light-a korakkaradhum jaasthi paNNradhum STOPs vecchu paathom..
indha episode la.. metering patthi paakalaam..

light-a measure paNNradhukku paer thaan metering.. indha metering veLaiya camera vae paathukkum.. but adha namma konjam namma thevai ku thagundha madhiri maathikkanum..

paatheenganaaka.. metering la moonu irukku.. Matrix, Spot, Center.. namma indha episode la. .Matrix maatharam thaan paakka porom..

1983 la thaan modhal modhalaa Nikon FA camera la light-a measure paNNi photographer ku suggestion kudukara aLavukku oru vasadhi uLLa camera vandhudhu. adhu thaan matrix meter..

Matrix meter na enna nu keyteenga na.. unga photo la irukara scene la irukara ellaa vishayangaL lendhum varra light-a average pottu oru setting kudukkum.. adhaan matrix.. summa solla koodaadhu.. nijamaavae perumbaalaana nerathula matrix metering rombave correct-a thaan irukkum.. nambi dhaaraaLamaa edukalaam..

adhukku minnaadi.. Matrix metering ku eppadi set paNNradhu nu paathuruvomaey
idhu ovvoru camera kum maarunga.. D3300 la paatheenganaaka ‘i’ button azhutthunga.. oru menu varum.. adhula indha icon-a thedi pudicchu maatthanum.. edhukkum manual edutthu oru vaatti paathukkonga please
D90 la indha metering button-a azhutthi indha dial-a thiruppinaa.. metering ku maarum..
sila camera la metering maatharadhukkae thaniyaa oru button irukkum..

idhaan matrix metering icon.. idhu ellaa Nikon Camera laiyum ippadi thaan irukkum..

Okay.. Matrix metering la set paNNiyaachu.. ippo photos edukkalaam..

Ippo camera-va Program mode la vecchurukken.. indha mode la Shutter Speed, Aperture value laam camera vae calculate paNNikkum.. kitta thatta auto mode thaan idhu.. but flash control, exposure compensation laam unga control la thaan irukkum.. ippo Exposure value maarindae irukaradha paarunga.. indha scene ku camera kaattra setting.. idhu… idhula edutthaa.. photo correct-a varum..

ippo Shutter Priority mode.. indha mode la oru shutter speed-a set paNNitteenga na.. adhukkaana Aperture-a camera calculate paNNi sollidum.. adhula photo edukalaam.. aperture value maarradha neengaLae paappeenga..

ippo Aperture priority.. indha mode la.. oru particular aperture ku thagundha madhiri shutter speed maariNdae irukkum..

adutthadhu.. romba mukkiyamaana Manual mode.. indha mode la .. unga camera edhaiyum adhuvae paathukkaadhu.. ellaa settings um neenga thaan paNNanum.. appo endha setting correct nu eppadi theriyum nu thanae paakkkreenga.. adhukku oru chinna indicator irukku..
view finder kuLLa ippadi oru indicator irukkum.. idhula + – irukkum.. + side la bar irundhaa.. photo romba bright-a varum… konjam light-a koracchukko nu artham.. – side la bar irundhaa.. photo romba iruttaa varum.. konjam light-a adhigam paNNikko nu artham..
light-a eppadi adhigam kammi paNNradhunu STOP episode laiyae paathom.. sandhegam irundhaa.. innoru vaatti paarunga, please
So, indha scene la .. indicator bar + side la irukku.. so photo romba veLicchamaa irukkum.. edutthu paappomae.. aamaa.. veLicchamaa thaan irukku.. ippo light-a koraikkaradhukku shutter speed jaasthi paNNalaam.. yean aperture jaasthi paNNalaina.. depth of field romba kammiyaa veNum enakku .. adhanaala thaan shutter speed a koraikkaren..
adhaey madhiri – side kum oru example..
0 la vecchu photo edutthaa correct a varum..

matrix metering easya irukku la? easy thaan.. aanaa idhula oru chinna sikkal irukku.. photo la irukara ellaa vishayathulaiyum irukara light-a vecchu average edutthu thaan settings sollum.. correct-aa? ippo photo la romba bright aana vishayam edhaavadhu irundhaa, camera confuse aayidum.. veLiccham romba jaasthi yaa irukku nu nenachu.. photo-va iruttu paNNradhukkaana exposure-a thaan kaatum.. so, appadiyae photo eduttha.. neenga edhir paattha vishayam iruttaa irukka vaaipirukku..

So, indha precchanai ya handle paNNradhukku thaan spot metering irukku.. adha eppadi enna nu aduttha video la paakkalaam.. ippodhaikku neenga Matrix laiyae vecchu neraiya photos edutthu pazhagunga.. adutha video la meet paNNalaam.. bbye


Nikon FA –

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